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Receiving calls

Receiving calls (call reception) 

69€ + VAT / month (up to 50 calls)

  1. We will be your secretary when you need it (at specific moments or in your full day)
  2. Assign a phone number for your company *
  3. We will answer the calls with the name of your company, and we will transfer you, if you wish, the call (s) that you want to attend personally, otherwise, we will notify you via email the data of the call.



  1. Transmit seriousness and professionalism to your customers, providing a fixed line phone for your company and dedicate 100% to your business, with the peace of mind that your phone is served by a professional and experienced team.
  2. Calls are always received by the same person, which gives you discretion and efficiency.
  3. You can set up a speech after hours informing about your business hours.


 C/Gomis 34 - 08023 Barcelona

  (+34) 931 596 200